Friday, January 20, 2012

Howling at the moon

I sing in the shower. Personally I consider it to be one of my more endearing qualities. This is debatable, my house mate, who is not a morning person, thinks its fucking anti social, however another one of my friends has been known to stand by the door when I'm in the shower and join in with me wailing along to James (Laid...obvs) or Kate Bush (Running up that hill...obvs). Why am I telling you about my shower singing activities? Well. I like a song I can have a good wail along to. Generally I like music that isn't lyrically void, however for singing in the shower one needs to be able to howl. This is where The Vaccines entered my life. Post Break Up Sex is a song which gives one plenty of room for prancing about in the shower doing ones best Ian Curtis impression (does anyone else hear Joy Division in The Vaccines?) whilst having a good old how to something that is quite frankly lyrically nonsense. I was lucky enough to go and see the Vaccines in Leeds in November, and it was a splendid gig. I drank lots of Jack Daniels and had a good jump up and down in a hot sweaty mosh pit with one of my dearest friends.
Whilst watching the vaccines I was lucky enough to see another shower howling band...Howler describing themselves as a Surf/Trash (contradiction much?) band hailing from Minneapolis I think this band are destined for great things. Their songs are catchy, not lyrically deep, but equally not lyrically void either. If you like your music catchy and bouncy with potential to howl and a nod to Sheffield, Ian Curtis and the Beach Boys all rolled into one then may I suggest you go check them out.

They are also playing at Leeds Cockpit next month. May I recommend them. I'll be HERE!

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